3 Benefits of Computer Recycling

There are many reasons to not just throw any electronic into the trash. And computers are no exception. Instead of trashing them, computers should be recycled.

First and foremost, the environmental impact of throwing electronics into the trash, which then end up in landfills is still unknown. Mostly, we could say it’s not good, based on the fact that we know things like plastics and lithium batteries are not biodegradable. It’s unknown how these materials and others can affect the soil and groundwater of the areas they end up in.

Secondly, there’s no reason to jeopardize your personal safety and security by throwing a computer in the trash. Even if you think that all your data has been cleared from the computer, there are people in this world who know how to extract data you didn’t even know existed. By taking your computer to Tech Dump, you can pay a low fee and rest easy knowing we will either wipe your computer of all information or physically destroy your hard drive while recycling it safely. We even offer Certificates of Destruction for a small fee.

Finally, there may be a monetary benefit to recycling your computer. As a nonprofit, all items donated to Tech Dump are tax deductible. It’s up to you to determine the fair market value of your items, but we gladly provide you a receipt when you recycle with us.

When determining your options regarding the disposal or recycling of your old computer, please keep these benefits for recycling in mind.

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