Reducing E-Waste and Knowing When to Recycle


E-Waste stands for electronic waste, and it refers to the act of throwing away electronic-related items and equipment. It is also loosely referred to the throwing away of items that have reached the end of their useful life (i.e., they break or become obsolete). Common e-waste includes TVs, laptops, desktops, ink cartridges, printers, and stereos. E-Waste has previously been a massive contributor to landfill waste. By following the steps below, though, you can reduce the e-waste you produce.

Reducing E-Waste

Follow these guidelines to reduce your e-waste:

  1. Reduce the generation of the electronic waste itself.
    By doing a bit of research before you purchase, you can make sure you’re not buying an item that will easily break or become damaged shortly after purchasing it. The practice of ‘planned obsolescence’ refers to planning and designing a product so that it’ll become obsolete (or break) within a certain time frame. This is a common practice in the electronics business–to earn them more money in the long run–but by reading reviews and understanding the technical side of the electronic you’re planning on buying, you can avoid products built with planned obsolescence in mind.
  2. Consider reusable ink cartridges or plan to recycle them.
    Studies have shown that less than 30% of approximately 1.3 billion of the world’s inkjet cartridges are recycled each year. This is a staggering amount that, if stacked side by side, would encircle the world twice in just one year. Recycling inks or printing with reusable cartridges can make a huge impact.
  3. Reuse electronic parts and equipment if they’re still working, and repair that laptop instead of getting a new one.
    If an electronic component cannot be repaired, recycle that one component and replace it instead of buying an entirely new product.

If your electronic has reached its absolute end of life and cannot be repaired or salvaged, why not recycle it? We’re here to help. Tech Dump is a nonprofit organization, and we offer a wide range of electronics recycling services. We recycle all kinds of TVs, computers, printers and printer cartridges, computer components, and more.

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