Computer Recycling In Minnesota With Tech Dump


It is amazing to watch the rapid pace that all the technology that surrounds us evolves at, but there is a dark side to all that progress. For every new development made, a piece of existing technology becomes outdated. What happens to that outdated technology? All too often the answer is it ends up in a landfill with the rest of the roughly 53 tons of electronics thrown away yearly .

Minnesota’s Tech Dump is doing their best to help reduce that staggering amount of waste and provide jobs and income for adults with barriers to employment while they’re at it. Their electronic and computer recycling programs are almost entirely free with only a small charge to dispose of CRT monitors and TVs. You can even schedule an equipment pickup from this proud Minnesota business, which can even be free if you meet their minimum quantities.

Tech Dump is registered and licensed in the field of electronics recycling, and they maintain the responsible practice of continuing to track electronic components well after they have left their facility to make sure your electronics are being responsibly handled throughout the whole recycling process.

If you have any questions about what you can recycle with Tech Dump, or would like to know how to host a Tech Dump event of your own, please contact them today.

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