Considerations Before Computer Recycling


It’s that time of year when people received new computers for Christmas and other winter holidays. You may be one of them. Or, maybe a parent, relative, or friend received a computer as a gift or someone you love.  Either way, you will have at least one old computer to get rid of, since it won’t be being used anymore now that the old one is unwrapped. What are you going to do with it?

The best answer is to recycle it. You should never throw a computer away. If it ended up in a landfill, where the metals, chemicals, and small components in it can pollute the groundwater and hurting animals that might come across it. Even if neither of those things happen, the computer is not an easily biodegradable object. It will sit there in the landfill, taking up valuable space in our environment, for hundreds, even thousands of years. The only environmentally responsible choice is to recycle it.

When you recycle a computer, you know that it will never end up in a landfill. Plus, all of its parts will be put to good use. It may be refurbished into a newer, working computer that can be re-sold inexpensively to those who are in need. It can even be sold to others through charity groups or schools. If it isn’t re-purposed, it is taken apart and its various parts used in different types of products. Either way, it will not be hurting the environment or wildlife. It will have a new life as one or more useful things. Computer recycling is something you can feel good about doing.

The question remains…where do you go to recycle computers? In the Twin Cities area, the place to go is Tech Dump. We not only recycle computers, we will come to your house or business and pick them up for free if you have ten or more computers to recycle. Otherwise, you can bring them to our local warehouses. No more searching far and wide for a place to recycle old computers. We engage in electronics recycling of all kinds, too, not just computers. We even take TVs for recycling, but there is a charge for the old tube varieties.

In addition, we provide a valuable community service by providing jobs to those who would otherwise have barriers to traditional employment. Bring us your old computers and other electronics when you no longer need them. We will see that they are put to good use in the community and in the world.

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