iPhone 6 launch reminds us to consider cell phone recycling

cell phone recycling

Did you also know that by the end of the year 2014 it’s estimated there will be about 396 million unused mobile devices in the United States alone? There is a huge need for cell phone recycling, instead of letting those gadgets sit in drawers.

With the excitement around the iPhone 6 launch and other news from Apple today, it’s a great time to stop, look through your drawers, and compile unused phones and chargers for recycling.

As your Minnesota electronics and computer recyclers, we want to encourage you to do your part to recycle your electronics properly and do your part to limit the amount of e-waste we’re consistently adding to our nation’s landfills.

When Tech Dump receives your old mobile phones, we ensure that all of your personal data is removed and destroyed. Then, we assess the condition of your items and make a plan of action to either repurpose them for use, or to recycle them.

Put your old phones to a good use, creating jobs for adults with barriers to employment at Tech Dump, while also allowing the copper, silver, gold, and palladium to be reused.

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