Make Every Week Earth Week by Recycling Electronics


We hope you have had a great Earth Week! There have been so many great opportunities to celebrate this week of mindfulness about our precious natural environment with people all over the planet. There are still quite a few programs being held around the Twin Cities this weekend, with events for adults, children, college students, and entire families. (We’re even open at both warehouses from 9am-1pm for drop-offs on Saturday, April 25 with giveaways).

A Short History of Earth Week

In case you’ve been wondering all week what the big deal is– Earth Day, celebrated on April, 22, began in 1970. Most historians agree that this time marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. In the 1960’s, Senator Gaylord Nelson was elected and determined to convince the government that our poor environmental practices were risking our health and our planet. He may have been ahead of his time, but his ideas did begin to catch on with both the public and public officials.

Not only did this movement helped raise awareness about the damage that people were doing to the natural world, it helped changed laws and the way that companies were allowed to do business. In 1970, people still used leaded gas to fill their cars and companies were allowed to dump toxins into the atmosphere without limits. Progress has been made, but there is still plenty more to do.

At Tech Dump, Every Week is Earth Week

As this week of celebrating the environment and its protection wraps up, we’re proud to make every week Earth Week at Tech Dump.

As you make your way around the metropolitan area, why not make a plan to drop off your used electronics at Tech Dump’s warehouses or an event for recycling? Not only will your efforts help the environment, recycling electronics with us also helps to support our community. We are one of very few nonprofit electronics recycling organizations in the area. Our work helps fund job creation and training for local adults who have barriers that make it difficult for them to find other employment. We believe we are the right choice for computer and TV recycling in the area.

Because you are donating to a nonprofit organization, your donations are also deductible. Besides, you don’t really need to keep clutter around your house. Help us use unwanted electronics for good!

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