Part Two: What happens to my stuff?


So you just scheduled a pickup with our truck team or dropped off at one of our locations and now you find yourself wondering what happens to your items after they come into our possession. Look no further for we have all the details that will ease your mind that your data is safe with us!

Tech Dump is a NAID AAA and R2-certified company; that’s a fancy way of saying some third-party auditors have done some extensive follow up with us to ensure our data destruction processes are safe and secure. We use a thorough destruction and sanitation process that is compliant with HIPAA and Department of Defense. These certifications and processes are not we-did-it-once-and-now-we’re-good. No! These are certifications and processes that require constant attention and follow through with every single item that comes through our doors. In short, we pull out all the stops to ensure your data is never compromised.

You can read all about the nitty gritty details of data security on our website, including information for how to obtain a Certificate of Destruction or Sanitation, should you need one.

We want our clients to have the utmost peace of mind when recycling with us, which is why we take data security very seriously here at Tech Dump. At the end of the day, data security need not be a concern when recycling with Tech Dump. We’ll efficiently and securely destroy any data that comes our way, we guarantee it!

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