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Electronics Recycling

We hold ourselves to the highest standards to keep our Earth, our employees, and our customers’ data safe and secure. We are also here to prove that every one and everything holds value.

For those unwanted gadgets sitting around your home, take advantage of Repowered’s convenient recycling locations: Golden Valley (north door) and St. Paul (enter through the parking lot). They offer the same great service and mission for helping you de-clutter and protect the environment.

A few specifics as you prepare to recycle your items:

  • While many items can be recycled for free, some items, such as tube/CRT TVs and printers, have a recycling fee to ensure proper disposal. Please review our electronics recycling list before you head over.
  • All of your ready-to-be-recycled devices are processed in the United States – and this includes CRTs, too! Repowered will never export unprocessed materials for disposal.
  • Rest assured that your data security is a primary concern. Check out Repowered's data security practices to learn more about our secure data destruction procedures.
  • All of our downstream vendors are closely evaluated according to Repowered’s voluntary standard of requirements. We only work with vendors in the Midwest who comply with our strict requirements.
  • Have a lot of tech to dump? We'll come pick it up! Free pickups available. Call 763-432-3117 to learn more and schedule.

Whether you have personal or company assets ready to retire, you’re in great hands with Repowered!

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