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The Mac That Got Away

I’ve joked for a while that as an electronics processor, we are often part recycler/refurbisher and part therapist. We see how hard it is for people to let go of their outdated or even broken tech items. For some reason, we humans have such strong ties to our gadgets — remembering where and why we bought them, what exciting life events occurred during their use, we simply struggle to let go.

And it’s really easy for me to act like I’ve NOT been impacted by that same emotional pull of my electronics, but the truth is, I still haven’t been able to get over my Mac.

I still remember the first time I took it out of the box. We spent so much time together—I was even convinced that I was writing the next great novel typing away at coffee shops on my beloved black MacBook.

And then one day, it was all over. I never saw it coming. So much so, that I hadn’t even backed up a single file. I had the screen of death and a diagnosis of a physical hard drive failure, which meant that the only way to get back all of my travel images and writing was to pay over a thousand dollars to have it rebuilt in a clean room. Tears may have been shed, but ultimately, I had to say no to the repairs. I mean, it was true love, but even true love has its limits. Even though there was no heartbeat left to our relationship, I still clung to my MacBook for many years, unable to fully let go.

Even though I daily drove to Tech Dump, my laptop sat on a shelf for four years collecting dust. I just couldn’t let go…..sigh.

At Tech Dump we regularly hear people asking about whether or not their data will be safe when they recycle with us.  In my case, I was actually heartbroken at the thought of my images being destroyed. Maybe if I waited long enough some cost-effective hard drive recovery process would be discovered. Maybe, one day, we’d be reunited and it would feel so good.

And then finally, after many years, I was ready to move on. it was time. Time to say goodbye. Time to cut the cord. Time to move on.

The only comfort to me was knowing that my beloved laptop could be disassembled and smelted to minimize the need to mine for new resources, all while funding and fueling the important job training work needed to solve many local economic challenges.

And, isn’t wishing the best for someone (or something) you once loved actually a sign of healing?

If you have a true tech confession and are ready to move on, let my story be of some help…cut the cord, get some closure, and bring your old companion to Tech Dump. It will be ok, I promise!

–Amanda LaGrange
CEO, Tech Dump

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