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At Tech Dump the practice of refurbishing and recycling e-waste has translated to restoring people to the workplace and meaningful, gainful employment. As a result, our employees also help save the environment from the woes of technical dumping.

Here’s How it Works!

Tech Dump offers training to individuals who have found it difficult to secure a job due to some personal challenges, Tech Dump is a 501C3 entity that relies solely on the revenue generated from the collection of e-waste to offer this job training program.  Tech Dump employees restore and refurbish old computers, used stereo equipment, and all electronic items (no appliances).  If the item cannot be refurbished and made functional, then it sorted based on the components inside (plastic, glass, aluminum, gold, silver. etc.) and recycled accordingly.

All material processing takes place here in America. We never ship unprocessed items, parts or e-waste to other developing countries for dumping.  This was confirmed by an independent third-party as part of receiving our recent R2 Certification .

The computers, small electronics and television sets that are able to be reclaimed are sold at amazingly low prices to the general public. These funds also help fund our job training programs.

It becomes a win-win-win situation since you are able to bring your old electronics to Tech Dump (most free of charge—old cathode tube televisions and monitors have a fee, as well as a few other items). We also offer onsite pick up in many instances. You win, the employees who receive job training win, and the environment we all share together wins as the carbon footprint is reduced by your fully tax-deductible donations. This becomes a better alternative to leaving your old big TV collecting dust in your basement. Bringing it in to Tech Dump ensures it is handled responsibly and is helping to restore a trained and skilled worker to the work place where they belong.

Our Credentials 

We hold the R2 Certification , which means we meet this high industry standard for the safety and security of data, our employees, and the environment.

We are NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) members . This body regulates how we destroy all personal information on the computers we refurbish.

We are a Microsoft Certified Refurbisher . Tech Dump meets the quality standards set by Microsoft to sell refurbished systems loaded with Windows.

Think about what you are going to do before you dump your unwanted electronics. Tech Dump is in the business of using gadgets to extend the lives of things and enhance the lives of people.

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