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Repowered, an electronics recycler and refurbisher, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and social enterprise based in the Twin Cities. Since we opened our doors in 2011, our team has processed over 40 million pounds of e-waste. We adhere to the highest standards of data security, while also prioritizing an environmental and social mission. We are focused on providing seamless electronics recycling services for businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as individual community members.

We believe that everything and everyone has value. Each year, we provide hundreds of thousands of employment hours and nearly a million dollars in wages, as well as practical experience for adults facing barriers to employment, preparing them to be more valuable employees with expanding futures. Many individuals have experience in the justice system or are in recovery from addiction.

Our impact includes extensive job training that leads to living wage employment; responsible electronics recycling and refurbishing that lessens the harmful effects of pollution in our environment; and refurbished electronics that make technology affordable for our community.

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Repowered helped me to start over. They encouraged me to take pride in my work and helped me regain the confidence I needed to succeed. I am forever grateful.

repowered Graduate

Homeboy Electronics Recycling helping HP closed loop process

Global Impact

Repowered addresses several UN Sustainable Development Goals , including poverty, vocational skills, material footprint, sustainable industry, discrimination, urban waste management, hazardous waste, and climate change.

Tech Dump addresses UN Sustainable Development Goals
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