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Hospitals, clinics, senior housing organizations, insurance companies, and many other healthcare organizations have trusted Repowered to ensure proper data destruction and environmental protection of their equipment.

We work with IT departments for office equipment, as well as process medical equipment as long as it is not hazardous waste or a biohazard.
Our team is experienced with the additional paperwork and reporting required for HIPAA compliance and related Business Associate Agreements. Your compliance is important to us, which often requires on-site mobile hard drive shredding or other Certificates of Destruction (CODs) for data-bearing devices.

As your organization updates its technology and ensures proper data destruction, request service today.


Case Study

A large senior-housing nonprofit collected over 1,000 hard drives piling up in storage. The organization required hard drive shredding and serialization to remain compliant with HIPAA. When scheduling their recycling pickup, they chose Repowered’s off-site shredding option. At our secure facility, the drives were serialized and shredded, ensuring proper data security and eliminating significant risk.

Proper Data Security

Homeboy Electronics Recycling: R2 Responsible Recycling CertifiedTech Dump is a ISO 45001:2018 Certified
Tech Dump: ISO-14001 CertifiedTech Dump is NAID certified
Tech Dump Minnesota R2 Responsible Recycling Certified
Tech Dump is ISO 45001:2018 CertifiedTech Dump is ISO-14001 CertifiedTech Dump is a NAID member

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