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Your Data is Guaranteed Destroyed

The data security of your business is the most critical concern for us. As a NAID AAA and R2-certified company, Repowered has undergone extensive third-party auditing to ensure that our material handling and data destruction processes are effective and secure.

From the moment your electronics enter our possession, hard drives and other data storage devices are handled with the utmost care to reduce access. With our convenient pickup service, our employees and trucks are deployed to ensure a tight chain of custody. Back at our controlled-access facilities, we monitor via closed circuit cameras - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We guarantee your data is destroyed through our physical destruction and electronic sanitization processes. Our trained technicians follow processes to properly destroy all data. You can read more about our specific processes which are designed to meet the data sanitization or physical destruction requirements of your internal security and data destruction protocols like a Certificate of Destruction or a Certificate of Sanitization

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We care about your data security

Guaranteed Destroyed Data at Tech Dump

Impact-Driven Data Destruction

Learn about Repowered's (formerly known as Tech Dump) Electronics Recycling’s business which wipes data and provides our employees with new opportunities.

Homeboy Electronics Recycling: R2 Responsible Recycling CertifiedTech Dump is a ISO 45001:2018 Certified
Tech Dump: ISO-14001 CertifiedTech Dump is NAID certified
Tech Dump Minnesota R2 Responsible Recycling Certified
Tech Dump is ISO 45001:2018 CertifiedTech Dump is ISO-14001 Certified
Tech Dump is a NAID member

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