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Repowered offers quality repair services for laptops, desktops, All-In-Ones, cell phones, tablets and other electronics. We offer Free Over-The-Counter Diagnostics. Parts and repairs are covered by our 1-Year Warranty.

  • Laptops, Desktops, All-In-Ones: $75 Labor Charge
  • Tablets: $65 Labor Charge
  • Cell Phones: $45 Labor Charge
  • All Other Electronics: $35 Labor Charge
  • $25 Non-Refundable down payment taken when repair is dropped off or if the device needs to be opened for further diagnostics, (Down payment will go towards the full labor charge).
  • Part prices will vary. A complete quote will be provided once diagnostics are complete.

*Our 1-Year warranty for Parts and Repairs does not include Soldering repairs, Liquid Damage repairs, parts not purchased by us, or any used / refurbished parts we may use during repair. Used / refurbished parts are only used if the device is old enough where manufacturers are not producing brand new parts. No guarantees are made until the device has been inspected by our technicians and an official quote is delivered. Before coming in for repair, please backup any data you deem important. Repowered is not responsible for any data loss on the device during repair. If parts need to be ordered, they can take up to ten business days to arrive. Please take timing into consideration if your repair needs are urgent.*


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