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hard drive shredding

Physically Destroy Your Data

Repowered guarantees all data is destroyed through our third-party certified process. We know each business has its own set of requirements and, as such, we are experienced in customizing the data destruction process to meet your needs.

If you require a serialized list of assets that are being shredded, we offer a Certificate of Destruction (COD). We have invested in equipment to allow for bulk hard drive shredding at our headquarters in St. Paul, ensuring your company’s hard drive shredding needs will be met.

If you require onsite hard drive shredding at your location, we can bring staff and mobile hard drive shredding equipment to your facility.

Request service to discuss your needs with our experienced customer service staff.

Certified destruction process

Our Process


At the time of scheduling a pickup or drop-off of equipment, our customer service department will inquire about your shredding requirements.


Hard drives are separated from any computers or networking equipment, to then run through our stationary hard drive shredder. This destroys all data.


The next step is to sort metals to ensure proper recycling and maximize environmental protection.

Mobile Hard Drive Shredding - Data Destroyed Onsite

If your company procedures require hard drive shredding while still on your premises, we are equipped to meet that need. Additionally, we save you time as your full-service vendor, instead of contracting one company for hard drive shredding and one for electronics recycling.

Request service today to discuss your needs.

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