Are you on battery disposal overload?

battery disposal

It’s easy for that small bin to increase quickly from just a few batteries to all of a sudden overflowing, needing certified battery disposal. Tech Dump Electronics Recycling makes it easy.

Whether you have lead batteries out of a car or battery backup, or lithium ion batteries from an old cell phone or laptop, we accept those. You can bring NiCad, Ni-MH, alkaline batteries, and much more. Some batteries have a recycling fee, so contact us to discuss your battery disposal needs.

Residents can include their batteries with their drop-off to our two convenient locations, one in St Paul and one in Golden Valley. Businesses can include their batteries in their convenient pick-up, or if they only have a few items schedule a drop-off to receive their preferred business pricing.

Once Tech Dump receives your batteries, we sort and process them to ensure proper handling, working with only vetted downstream vendors who will recycle your batteries by meeting our high environmental standards. Proper battery disposal is important to protect our environment and water.

And if you have more than just batteries needing secure electronics recycling, we recycle so much more, including computers, mobile phones, and cables/cords. We work with hundreds of local businesses and residents, providing certified data destruction and processing.

With such easy battery disposal, contact us today to learn more.

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