Second Chance Month: Why Fair Chances Are So Important


April is Second Chance Month, a month set aside to highlight the importance of helping formerly incarcerated people reenter society. At Repowered, we believe strongly in the power of fair chances—for people, for the planet, and for electronics.

In celebration of Second Chance Month, let’s look at the ways Repowered offers fair chances to people and technology, and how you can be a part of it.

At Repowered, We Celebrate Second Chance Month All Year Through Fair Chances for People and Technology


We take second chances to heart at Repowered, where every month is Second Chance Month. 

However, we also recognize that so many people need more than two chances in their lives. That’s why, even though it’s officially “Second Chance Month,” we prefer to use the term “fair chance.”

Each year, we offer fair chances to people by providing hundreds of thousands of employment hours and nearly a million dollars in wages to individuals with barriers to employment.

You might wonder what this has to do with refurbished electronics. Well, at Repowered, we’re in the business of giving fair chances in more ways than one.

In addition to giving formerly incarcerated people another chance at a career, we work to give used electronics a second life by recycling them or refurbishing and reselling them. When you recycle your used tech with Repowered or purchase refurbished electronics from us, you help us provide job training through our Work Readiness Program.

In short, Repowered helps provide fair chances for both people and electronics.

Fair Chances for People: A Little About Our Work Readiness Program


At Repowered, we believe that everything and everyone has value. That’s why we created our Work Readiness Program. 

Through this program, we work with individuals who have a history of incarceration or other barriers to employment. Many of the people we work with have experience in the criminal legal system or are in recovery from addiction and have a difficult time finding living wage employment.

Our program has three main goals:

  1. Increase the earning power of participants
  2. Remove barriers to employment, including transportation, housing, and childcare
  3. Help participants grow self-efficacy and the belief that they have some control over their circumstances

The Work Readiness Program consists of two phases, lasting a total of up to 18 months:

Phase I 

This phase lasts 90 days (equivalent to about 500 hours of employment). This phase involves a lot of what we call “rebuilding the work muscle” and reacclimating to the 9-5 experience: building time management skills, obtaining base level certifications (like digital literacy), and so on. We also pair participants with our coaches during this phase.

Phase II 

Phase II can take up to 15 months. After the first 90 days, participants can choose whether to pursue outside employment or stay on with Repowered. Folks who choose to stay continue working with us within the support structure and environment we provide.

Once someone reaches the 1-year mark (or a little after), we begin to assist them with resumes, interview skills, and connecting them with other fair chance employers who can provide a living wage and continue their employment pathway.

This program helps give a fair chance to individuals experiencing barriers to employment…not to mention bringing some amazing employees back into the job market!

Second Chances for Electronics: Recycling and Refurbishing Electronics

There are two main ways that Repowered gives used electronics a second chance: 

1. Refurbishing and Reselling Electronics That Still Have Some Life Left in Them

When you bring your used electronics to Repowered, we’ll determine if they can be refurbished or not. If they can be refurbished, we’ll do so, then make them available for resale on our website and in our brick and mortar locations. 

Not only does refurbished tech give electronics a second life and contribute to a circular economy, it also helps bridge the digital divide, putting needed electronics in the hands of those who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

Have you considered buying refurbished electronics the next time you need new tech? If not, maybe it’s time you did. Buying refurbished computers and other electronics:

  • Saves you money
  • Is better for the planet
  • Makes it more affordable to upgrade to a model with better specs
  • Gives you the chance to buy electronics that have been tested and certified
  • Gives you access to older generation equipment that may meet your needs better than new

Plus, you can choose from new inventory every week at our retail location in St. Paul as well as in our online store.

2. Sustainably Recycling Electronics That Can’t Be Refurbished

If the electronics we receive can’t be refurbished, we’ll recycle them responsibly, ensuring they don’t end up in a landfill. As a certified electronics recycler, we’ve kept more than 40 million pounds of e-waste out of landfills since we began in 2011!

And whether we refurbish or recycle your used electronics, you don’t have to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands, as we’ll make sure any data on them is destroyed properly.

If you’d like to support Repowered’s mission to provide fair chances for people and electronics, while also caring for the planet, browse our electronics recycling and ITAD services, shop for refurbished electronics in our online store or in person at our retail locations, or give us a call at 612-260-9427.

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