Spotify Car Thing: What To Do Once The Device Stops Working


Spotify recently announced the discontinuation of ‘Car Thing’, a device designed to enhance in-car streaming of music and podcasts. Despite its innovative approach to hands-free entertainment while driving, the product didn’t achieve the widespread adoption Spotify hoped for. Spotify has stated that the Car Thing will be fully inoperable as of December 9th, 2024, meaning it will no longer function as intended. Owners of the ‘Car Thing’ are left wondering what to do once it is discontinued. Instead of tossing the device in the trash, it’s essential to consider recycling. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a continuing environmental concern, and responsibly recycling helps mitigate the negative impact on the planet.

Recycling the ‘Car Thing’ ensures that valuable materials like metals and plastics are recovered and reused, reducing the need for new raw materials and minimizing environmental harm. It also keeps toxic substances found in electronics, such as lead and mercury, out of landfills, where they can contaminate soil and water. By recycling, you contribute to a sustainable future and help combat the growing issue of e-waste. Please reach out to your local electronics recycling facility when the time comes. At Repowered when the time comes. We strive to make electronics recycling easy for everyone

To learn more about the discontinuation of Car Thing, please visit Spotify’s FAQ page for more information and how to dispose of the device properly.

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