Black Friday Deals Mean Electronics Recycling Time

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Black Friday has come and gone again. This huge shopping day for many meant amazing deals, but it often also means unwanted gadgets needing a new home.

Many of the best Black Friday deals were electronics this year. Laptops, TVs, tablets, phones, video game consoles, and more were all part of the Black Friday consumer feeding frenzy. Electronics are on almost everyone’s list, too, because people want to get the newest and best versions of things, and electronics are always being updated. Plus, there is always something new being introduced to the market.

If electronics were on your Black Friday shopping list, you probably were replacing some things that are already in your house. Bear in mind that electronics recycling is important to the environment. Don’t just throw away your old electronics when you replace them with new ones. Take them to an electronics recycling facility.

Contrary to popular belief, these places are not hard to find, at least not in the Twin Cities area. Tech Dump is available locally to take care of your recycling needs. You may decide to wait until after Christmas to move out the old electronics and recycle them, so gift recipients have a chance to see their new items first. When you’re ready to recycle, just bring your items to our warehouse, and we will take care of the rest.

We recycle the materials people bring us and provide jobs to adults who may not otherwise be able to get employment while we’re at it.

Two things you should keep in mind when recycling with us are 1) if you need computer recycling, we will pick up at your home or businessĀ for free if you have tenĀ  or more computers, and 2) tube TVs do have a recycling charge with our TV recycling program. Contact us today for more information on recycling your old electronics.

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