Clean Out All Those Cables and Cords


Productivity isn’t as easy when your environment is filled with unnecessary obstacles. If your office is cluttered and your outlets are inaccessible, you probably have outdated and unusable technology that doesn’t belong there. Electronics recycling is an eco-friendly and efficient way to unload all those cords that have nothing to connect and those cables that have nothing to power.

Take it One Cord at a Time

As cords and cables accumulate, they turn into tangled nests that are overwhelming to see, let alone untangle. It’s easier to follow the ones you need than weed out the rest, especially if you didn’t install your electronics yourself. However, you may be over-heating the space, wasting energy on useless adapters, and making it harder to use the electronics you do need.

Start by finding an end connection that’s not plugged into anything. If you don’t see any, make sure your unused printers, monitors, and any other old electronics are no longer connected to any cords or cables. Now follow each of these unused cords to the plugs. You may find cables that charged old phones, cords with outdated connections, and power adapters that burned out a long time ago. After you collect everything, it’s easier to identify and reorganize the remaining cords.

Dispose of Electronics Safely

Now that you know which electronics are unnecessary, you must dispose of them responsibly. The rapid pace of modern technology has created an excess of outdated and unwanted electronics – the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates 141 million mobile devices were discarded in 2009 alone – and many of their components don’t belong in landfills.

Some can be refurbished and resold. At Tech Dump, for example, we’re registered with Microsoft to sell refurbished products at steep discounts. Some are unusable and must be recycled through specific channels. As a consumer, you shouldn’t have to worry about these regulations or pay to follow them. We charge low rates for some TVs and monitors, but if you have individual cords and cables to recycle, we’ll take them for free.

Reap Extra Benefits

In fact, when you bring your old cables and cords to Tech Dump, you don’t just save desk space and environmental waste. You also save money by recycling them into bona fide tax deductions. Because we’re a non-profit organization with official 501(c)(3) status, everything you recycle is tax-deductible. Just by contributing your unwanted electronics at one of our Twin Cities drop-off spots, you could turn your tangled desk nest into a charitable donation.

You save because we do our part too. We’re able to recycle most electronics for free, charge low rates for exceptions, and enjoy a non-profit status because of our emphasis on job creation and environmental protection. We employ people who have trouble finding work, train them in electronics recycling and refurbishing, and offer our customers more convenient services and products as a result.

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