Make a Positive Environmental Impact With Computer Monitor Recycling

computer monitor recycling mn

If your household or business is similar to many other U.S. households and businesses, you probably have at least one unwanted flat-panel or cathode-ray tube (CRT) computer monitor sitting around in your basement or storage room. Maybe you don’t know how to dispose of it. You know your garbage service won’t haul it away, and you’ve heard it contains chemicals that are bad for the environment. Now it has become a permanent fixture in a lonely corner somewhere. You hate to admit it but it’s true: You’re collecting junk.

The good news is that you’re keeping waste and toxins out of landfills and you haven’t resorted to illegal dumping.

The even better news? There’s an easy way to recycle your old computer monitors and free up some physical (and mental) space!

The cost of responsible computer monitor recycling

computer monitor recycling mnYou may remember a time when you could recycle your LCD computer monitor or CRT television for free. While that may have been a free service for you as the consumer, the original equipment manufacturer was more than likely assuming the cost. These subsidies are becoming a thing of the past and these costs are being put back on the consumer.

But where do these costs come from in the first place? Some consumers may expect to get paid for scrap items and are surprised to learn that they actually have to pay to recycle them.

The electronics recycling industry exists to keep harmful chemicals from contaminating our land, water and air while encouraging the reuse and recycling of all possible materials. Ultimately, electronics recyclers aim to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

But all electronics are different. Devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and computer towers contain modest amounts of gold, copper and other valuable metals. However, the old computer monitors and televisions don’t contain nearly as much of these same metals so the return on investment is lower.

In addition, computer monitors also contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead, which require very specialized equipment and extensive safety training for employees who are involved in disassembling them. Consequently, the costs associated with computer monitor recycling are higher than other types of materials. And the environmental protection of this work is a value-add worth paying for.

Tech Dump is Minnesota’s leader in computer monitor recycling

computer monitor recycling mn

The Minnesota Electronics Recycling Act, implemented in 2007, creates expanded opportunities for the collection and recycling of e-waste from households state-wide. Today, Minnesota is recognized as a top e-waste collector in the nation.

At Tech Dump, we have the privilege of helping to reduce our carbon footprint and keep Minnesota beautiful. We offer pick-up services in Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as convenient drop-off times at our St. Paul and Golden Valley locations. If you’d like to get rid of old computer monitors, televisions or other electronics in an environmentally responsible manner, give us a call at 763.432.3117.

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