Proper Computer Parts Disposal in Minnesota: Important Information You Need to Know


As of 2019, Supply Chain Management Resource (SCMR) stated that there were over 2 billion computers worldwide. And every year, 30-40 million of these computers become obsolete in the U.S. alone. Needless to say, computer waste is a growing problem.

But what is the proper method of computer parts disposal in the state of Minnesota? Armed with a little knowledge about the process, your company can reduce the demand for precious metals mining and electronics manufacturing and the negative environmental impact.

Computer parts disposal law

Did you know that, in the state of Minnesota, it’s illegal to put televisions, computer monitors, components containing mercury and rechargeable batteries in the trash?

Electronics recycling is the path forward. But not all e-recyclers offer the same level of data security and environmental responsibility. That’s why it’s important to vet any prospective vendors. When you work with a vendor that holds certifications like R2™ (Responsible Recycling) you have peace of mind that your electronics are disposed of in an environmentally responsible, secure and legal manner.

Computer scrap contains toxins

Not only do computer hard drives and solid-state drives contain sensitive consumer or customer information, company secrets, etc. They can also contain a variety of toxic substances including mercury, lead, PCBs, cadmium, chromium and lead.

Computer scrap contains recoverable metals

Not only does recycling your end-of-life computer parts mean keeping toxins out of landfills but it allows the precious metals they contain to be harvested and reused. These precious metals may include gold, silver, palladium and copper.

Believe it or not, more than 7,500 tons of silver and 320 tons of gold are mined and used each year in electronics manufacturing, the majority of this mining happening outside the U.S. Responsible recycling minimizes the need to mine new commodities.

Sadly, United Nations University reports that less than 15% of precious metal deposits from e-waste are actually recovered via electronics recycling each year. The rest ends up in landfills.

Find a computer parts disposal vendor so you can secure your data and protect the environment

computer monitor recycling mnIn addition to the proper management of potential computer e-waste toxins and the recovery of precious metals and other metals, when your IT department chooses to partner with a reputable ITAD vendor, you reduce the demand on electronics manufacturers.

That’s because, in many cases, your ITAD vendor will wipe data from your old computer hard drives and give these assets a new life. Stores like Tech Discounts sell refurbished electronic equipment at a fraction of the “new” price while ensuring that your sensitive data is thoroughly destroyed. All of our laptop and desktop computers come with a free one-year repair or replace warranty—the same warranty you often receive with the purchase of brand-new electronic devices.

When it comes to computer parts disposal or recycling of other e-waste, you can trust Tech Dump to operate with a secure chain of custody and keep your sensitive data safe by adhering to the highest industry standards.

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