Computer Recycling: The Process and Benefits

Personal computers contain sensitive information, which is why it’s important to safely get rid of old computers. In addition to containing personal information, computers can harm the environment when not properly disposed of. Luckily, there are many companies, such as Tech Dump, that can help you recycle your computer and other electronics. Read on to learn how the computer recycling process works, and how recycling your old computer can help people finds jobs to help provide for their families.

The Three Steps of Computer Recycling

The first step in the computer recycling process is to analyze the computer, and identify if it can be refurbished or should just be recycled. This is an important process, as the majority of resources used and environmental impact is in simply creating the computer. The longer electronics can last, the better. We determine this based on the age of the processor and physical condition of the system.

The second step involves either 1) refurbishing the system or 2) de-manufacturing it in to the cords, boards, plastic, steel, and other components. Those components are they sent to a responsible processor with a large shredderRenewable resources are separated from waste, and a smelter may be used to refine resources. While the components are being shredded, the toxic fumes and waste particles are captured to prevent harming the environment.

Finally, the third step is to destroy personal data on storage devices, protecting your information. Tech Dump offers a certificate of destruction for additional confirmation that your data is destroyed.

How Your Donation Helps Create Jobs

Funded by the proceeds from recycling electronics and selling refurbished electronics, Tech Dump offers job training and work experience for adults who face barriers to employment, helping them find jobs in the future. People with challenging work histories are offered opportunities to gain valuable experience and develop their careers.

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