Electronics Disposal in MN with Repowered (formerly Tech Dump)

electronics disposal

Do you or your office need electronics disposal from gadgets piling up? Repowered electronics recycling provides secure and convenient options.

It’s amazing how a storage room or extra cubicle can quickly increase from storing a few retired printers to suddenly containing what we call the “pile of denial” — a pile of electronics that you keep thinking one day you will get around to taking care of. Well, let’s make today that day!

If you’re an individual (meaning not a business) our drop-off locations provide the most cost effective option for you. We invite you to learn more about what to expect when you drop off, as well as view a list of what is accepted with associated fees. Then you can load up your vehicle, drive to our locations during our open hours, and our team will unload your items and send you on your way.

If you’re a business, you will likely find our convenient pickup options to be a preferred approach. You can request service, filling out a few questions for our experienced customer service representatives. If your company has specific data destruction procedures, we have several options to meet those needs and keep you compliant. Our team will schedule you for an upcoming route, and then our friendly truck team will come to efficiently remove your electronic assets, and then bring them back to our secure facility.

No matter what, you can have peace of mind. Your items have entered a third-party certified facility and process for ensuring data security, high environmental standards, and worker safety. You can feel good about selecting us as your vendor for electronics disposal.

Contact us today to learn more.

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