Electronics Recycling in Downtown Minneapolis and St Paul


Tech Dump recycles laptops, desktops, servers, and the rest of the IT equipment that you have. Pickup from your office is free with qualifying equipment. For a list of what qualifies for a free pickup click here.

You can schedule a pickup by phone, contacting us online, or chat online. We’re in the Downtown Minneapolis and downtown St.Paul twice a week with our two person full service truck team. All you need to do to schedule is tell us roughly how much equipment you have to pick up. We’ll reserve space for that amount in our Downtown trucks. The day before the pickup we’ll send you a two hour time window of when we’ll be there. Scheduling couldn’t be any easier. Schedule A Pick-Up Click Here

Once we’re on site we come to your equipment with rolling carts. We then carefully inventory and pack the equipment for transport to our facility in St Paul. From that secure transport we complete the data destruction. Equipment is then refurbished or torn down into parts that are either reused or recycled. After the equipment is processed by our team we send you any reporting that you need. We offer audited equipment lists, certificates of destruction, and certificates of recycling.

For smaller pickups we offer mail in recycling. This is ideal for laptops, desktops, cell phones, tablets, or other lightweight electronics. Super easy to do:

  1. Print a label from Scrubb.it.
  2. Put the label on your box of electronics to recycle.
  3. Hand the box to your USPS postal carrier.

Once we receive your mail in box we’ll recycle the electronics and get you any reporting that you need.

If you’re interested in a coupon code that could make this service free please contact us, chat, or call us. We’ll get you a quick evaluation.

For buildings with a LEED Certification we fulfill the recycling requirements for electronics. Contact us to schedule a pickup or to schedule an electronics recycling event for your building.

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