Electronics Recycling in Minnesota: More Than Just a Good Idea

Laptops, TV sets, and other electronic devices contain hazardous chemicals and toxic metals. When landfills used to accept these items for disposal, the chemicals and metals seeped into the ground and water supply. Today, it is not just a bad idea to throw away used electronics; it is against the law.

Throwing Out Electronics is Illegal and Wasteful

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says: “In Minnesota, by law, you must recycle televisions and computer monitors. They can’t go into the trash.”

Computer and TV recycling are very good ideas for multiple reasons. Besides the risk of breaking the law and contributing to environmental pollution, simply throwing away used electronics wastes valuable resources. Sometimes these devices can get fixed and passed on to new owners. In other cases, components can get salvaged and recycled for other uses.

Recycling electronics is not just limited to TV and computer recycling either. You can and should recycle a number of other types of electronic devices. These include phones, DVD players, computer monitors, and fax machines,

How to Recycle Electronics Properly and Legally

The state’s pollution control agency suggests finding a recycling center to dispose of your used electronics properly. When you contact Tech Dump, you not only contribute to the local environment, you also contribute to the local economy. That is because we are a local nonprofit organization here in the Twin Cities that helps provide employment for economically disadvantaged adults.

At Tech Dump, we offer most recycling for free, maintain a convenient drop-off center, and work with both private individuals and businesses. Contact us to see if you qualify for a free pickup. We work hard to keep our city both clean and legal.

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