More Items for Electronics Recycling Than You Think


Have you ever considered recycling your old electronic items? Believe it or not, there is a whole industry devoted to recycling and repurposing these things. With so many people upgrading to the newest and latest electronics items all the time, there is a wealth of used electronics in the world. Most people have no idea what to do with them. They end up either stacked in a basement or attic, never to be used again (and taking up valuable space in the home), given away to people who probably don’t really want or need them, or in the worst cases, thrown away.

Most municipal recycling programs do not take electronics. This is because electronics are a specialty item and require special methods of recycling them. You really need to take your old electronics to a facility that specializes in recycling just those types of items. In the Twin Cities area, that place is Tech Dump.

We are a local electronics recycling facility, so you don’t have to search far and wide for one. You don’t have to drive a huge distance to get to us. We will even come to you and pick up for free if you have five or more computers to recycle at one time. We make it easy for you to recycle all kinds of electronics.

There are actually more items for electronics recycling than you think, too. It’s not just computer recycling. You can also engage in:

  • TV recycling (though remember, Tech Dump does charge for the old tube types)
  • Smart phone recycling
  • MP3 player recycling
  • Video game console recycling
  • GPS recycling
  • Wi-fi router recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Electronic music equipment recycling
  • Kids toys recycling
  • Christmas lights recycling

Just about anything in your house that operates on an electronic basis can be recycled through Tech Dump and other electronics recyclers.

Don’t let your old electronics pile up in your house. Don’t throw them away to go into landfills, either. Bring them to Tech Dump and let us take care of recycling them for you and giving them new life as other things. You will be glad to have the extra space in your home, and the planet will be glad to have less pollution. If you have any questions about what can and cannot be recycled regarding electronics, please give us a call.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and help you make the right decisions regarding the disposition of your old electronics. Remember, too, that we are a charitable organization, providing jobs to adults who are disadvantaged when it comes to obtaining traditional employment. When you recycle your electronics with us, you are not only helping the planet, you are helping your community.

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