Your Minnesota computer recyclers urge you to please do your part to limit e-waste!

Did you know that the average American household has around 24 different electronic devices?

Did you also know that by the end of the year 2014 it’s estimated there will be about 396 million unused mobile devices in the United States alone?

Did you also know that out of those 396 million unused mobile devices, only about 80 million of them will be recycled properly?

As your Minnesota electronics and computer recyclers, we want to encourage you to do your part to recycle your electronics properly and do your part to limit the amount of e-waste we’re consistently adding to our nation’s landfills.

Recycling your old computers and electronics the right way means that you’re helping to keep many harmful chemicals and metals out of landfills. You’re also allowing us to repurpose those metals so that they can be used again. Many of the computers we receive here at TechDump actually have a higher purpose. You’re probably aware of the many different types of non-profit organizations in our area. Many of those organizations depend on us to provide them with the computers and electronics they need to serve our communities.

When we receive your old electronics and computers, we ensure that all of your personal and identifying data is removed and destroyed. You never have to worry that your identity will be stolen, and we’ll even provide you with a certificate of proof that your data is destroyed. Then, we assess the condition of your items and make a plan of action to either repurpose them for use, or to recycle them.

If you have some old electronics or computers that are just taking up space in your house, we want to encourage you to check our calendar to find the next TechDump event near you. We’re proud to serve the Twin Cities area, and we’re eager to hear from you and talk to you about how we can help you recycle your items the right way.

We’re all in this together!

For more information, please contact us today!

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