Old TV Disposal in Minnesota Made Easy

Were you cleaning out your garage, basement, or spare bedroom and now need old TV disposal services? Tech Dump electronics recycling makes it easy to clear out that old TV and make space in your home. Televisions can contain toxic lead and mercury, making it critical to properly dispose of them with a certified company like Tech Dump.

We recycle all sorts of televisions, including:

  • Console TVs
  • Rear Projection/DLP TVs
  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs
  • Flat panel, Plasma TVs

Our website always has our most up-to-date pricing to avoid surprises, and give us a call if you   are unsure of what type of TV you have. Some of our prices are set based on the size, which for televisions is measured from corner to corner.

Customers find our drop-off locations or public collection events offer a convenient way to dispose of old TVs. Our team will even unload your vehicle, as we know some of those televisions can be very heavy. You can pay with cash or credit card, and be on your way. 

And if you have more than just an old TV, check out the list of all of the electronics that we accept for proper electronics recycling. Old cables and cords? We take those. Old cell phones and digital cameras? We accept those too. A stack of laptops? No problem.

Once TVs and all electronics are at our location, they follow our secure process, which is audited by a third party to earn us our R2 (Responsible Recycling) Certification. We follow the highest of environmental standards.

Don’t delay. Now that you know about our old TV disposal services, contact us or drop off your items today.

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