Have You Considered Working With a PC Recycle Vendor?


Whether it’s around your house or at work, surplus electronics lurk in dark corners. It could be old cell phones in the back of the file cabinet or old monitors and computer towers in the basement. Or maybe it’s a storage room-turned electronics graveyard or empty cubicle bursting with cables, cords and miscellaneous electronics at the office.

computer monitor recycling mnIf any of these scenarios sound familiar (and we’re willing to bet at least one of them does), you have unnecessary clutter and a potential security risk on your hands.

That’s why, when it comes to end-of-life electronic assets, it’s important to recycle them properly. For simplicity, we’re going to look specifically at Personal Computers (PCs) in this post.

So…what’s your PC recycle plan?

First thing’s first: Back up your data!

PC recycleIf you haven’t already, when you’re getting your surplus PCs ready to recycle, you should start by backing up all of the data you wish to save from each device.

For household PCs, that might include photos and financial records. It’s easy to back these up to an external hard drive or the cloud. For businesses, be sure to back up sensitive employee and customer information, sensitive company documents or records, etc. These data-intensive files across numerous PCs are best backed up to the cloud AND in a more traditional way such as an external drive.

While it might be tempting to navigate PC recycling on your own, you are taking on some significant data risk, as you MUST thoroughly wipe each hard drive.

This is the single most important step you can take to prevent a data breach, and it’s imperative that no stone is left unturned. You can’t simply delete all of your PC’s files and clear your browser of any saved passwords, credit card information, or other sensitive data. You have to make sure to wipe all data and restore your device to factory settings, which is something better left to the professionals who do this every day and hold the necessary certifications.

If you’re in charge of recycling PCs for your organization, make sure you’re clear on the compliance requirements for data security and environmental stewardship for destroying hard drives, which might involve degaussing or shredding.

Ready to hire Repowered as your go-to PC recycle vendor?

PC recycleIf you want to safely recycle your old PC or multiple PCs and you don’t want to take on the added responsibility of destroying the hard drives while maintaining compliance, hire Repowered to shoulder this responsibility for you.

From 1 PC to 1000 PCs, we’re up for the job! We can destroy your hard drives at our St. Paul location or onsite at your place of business with our mobile hard drive shredder. You can also drop off your old PCs at our secure and convenient Golden Valley and St Paul retail locations.

We’re more than happy to provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and a Certificate of Sanitization upon request.

We also remove toxic chemicals, harvest reusable metals and parts, refurbish if possible and recycle any remaining components of each one of your PCs while maintaining our secure chain of custody.

If you’re looking for a secure and easy PC recycle process for your household or your organization, give us a call today at 763.432.3117!

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