Recycling Electronics to Reduce Waste and Create Jobs


Managing e-waste recycling is no easy feat. If left to decompose in a landfill, electronics pose a serious threat not only to us, but to the environment as well. To discuss Tech Dump’s approach to e-waste recycling, our CEO Amanda LaGrange sat down for an interview and addressed our recycling and refurbishing process.

Using our full-time staff and trainees, we ensure that every device is either recycled or refurbished according to industry standards before being put back in the community. For every 98,600 pounds of e-waste accepted, we are able to add 1 full-time position to our recycling team.

“We are using electronics recycling as a job creator. It’s recycling with a social purpose.”

Amanda LaGrange | Tech Dump

Learn more about our social impact through recycling, read the full story on .

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