The Many Ways Repowered is Reducing ITAD’s Carbon Footprint


We all contribute to carbon in the atmosphere simply by being humans on the planet. We might not think about our carbon footprint from day to today. We eat food that is shipped to our cities from hundreds (or thousands!) of miles away. We purchase imported, non-sustainable clothing. We constantly upgrade our technology without a second thought to what we’re going to do with our old electronics.

It’s critically important that we take ownership and make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint across all areas of our lives. Fortunately, when it comes to technology, Repowered has your back.

Repowered helps you reduce your carbon footprint…by reselling your IT assets

Business Electronics RecyclingYou’ve probably heard that electronics equipment contains a variety of toxic metals and chemicals that can wreak havoc on our health and the environment if not properly managed or disposed of.

When you work with Repowered, we wipe any hard drives and data-bearing devices in your electronic assets, so you don’t need to worry about a data breach. Then, in many cases, we can market these assets for resale and reduce waste by passing them on to a new owner. For businesses with very new IT equipment, we may even be able to reduce your processing fees with credit for the value of sold assets.

Repowered helps you reduce your carbon footprint…by refurbishing your IT assets

Many of the electronics we receive no longer work. We test them, diagnose any problems and determine if they still have a useful life. In many cases, we’re able to make the repairs in-house and give the electronics a new life while simultaneously reducing waste. These electronics go to our retail locations or online store for resale.

Purchasing refurbished electronic assets is much more affordable than purchasing new ones and can put electronics in the hands of someone who may otherwise be unable to buy them. Also, when companies purchase large quantities of electronic devices, buying refurbished assets saves them copious amounts of money.

Learn more about our online and retail stores where we sell refurbished electronics!

Want to learn more about developing an effective, secure and profitable IT asset disposition (ITAD) program for your business? Download our free guide here!

Repowered helps you reduce your carbon footprint…by recycling your IT assets

Not sure if your assets can be recycled or refurbished? No problem. Repowered can make that determination for you. We salvage parts that we can reuse elsewhere, wipe data and recycle and discard the rest in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

Repowered helps you reduce your carbon footprint…by operating locally

Repowered is proud to support our community as a local IT asset disposition company. Why is this important? Many ITAD companies ship your electronic assets overseas for recycling and disposal, generating far more emissions than if they were processed locally.

Also, many countries don’t maintain the same stringent environmental standards for electronics recycling and their processes may leach toxins into the environment and expose recycling workers to carcinogenic such as lead and mercury.

When you work with Repowered, we send our team out to collect your assets with our in-house trucks or you can drop them off at our St. Paul or Golden Valley location. Then we refurbish or recycle them locally in compliance with the globally-recognized R2™ (Responsible Recycling) standards. We sell refurbished electronic assets at our retail locations or online. By promoting reuse before recycling we further reduce our carbon footprint and give our customers and our community the same satisfaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about Repowered and how we’re working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future, reach out to us at (763) 432-3117!
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