Responsible Computer Monitor Recycling in the Twin Cities

You’re doing your part—taking your reusable bags to the grocery store, utilizing your curbside recycling program, and composting as you test out your green thumb in the garden this summer. But what about that old TV (the one you couldn’t even give away at your last yard sale) and the Gateway computer monitor you still have on the shelf in your office closet? You know they aren’t supposed to be thrown in the garbage (it’s actually illegal in Minnesota) but they’re taking up valuable space in your house.

By now we’ve all heard about the hazards of e-waste. The plastics, lead, cadmium, and other chemicals that make up these gizmos and gadgets can pollute the ground and water supply unless disposed of properly. It’s important to keep these items out of the landfill and get them into the hands of a certified recycling company.

According to the Office of the Governor Blog, Minnesota has been a leader in electronics recycling since 2012 and you can help maintain that title by doing your part.

“The Minnesota Electronics Recycling Act was implemented in 2007 to create expanded opportunities for the collection and recycling of waste electronics from Minnesota households. The program, which engages manufacturers of electronic devices in their recycling, is ranked as a top collector in the nation.”

With the help of Tech Dump, computer monitor recycling couldn’t be easier in the Twin Cities. As a matter of fact, Tech Dump will recycle your old flat screen, CRT TV, rear projection TV and even that old console TV that hasn’t worked since 1962.

Tech Dump, a local non-profit organization, offers pick up services in the St. Paul and Minneapolis areas as well as convenient drop-off times to make recycling your old monitors is a snap while giving you peace of mind. Protecting our environment from pollution is a job we take seriously.

For more information on recycling your monitors, TV’s and any other electronic devices in your home or work place contact us today and help make Minnesota, and the world, a better place.

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