Stereo Recycling with a Local Impact

stereo recycling

Our customers tell us that we make stereo recycling easy. We can make it easy for you too.

It can be confusing to know what company will accept what item— we accept anything with a cable, cord, or battery that isn’t a home appliance (in other words, we do not accept items like a stove, washer, fridge, etc).

Yes, that means you can bring that big pile of speaker wire and randoms cords in addition to your stereo for proper recycling. We recycle speakers, receivers, amplifiers, turntables, boomboxes, and much more. Check our list of accepted items, and contact us if you have additional questions or items you’re unsure of.

Electronics contain materials that are harmful to the environment if thrown away, and it’s in fact illegal to do so. Please be responsible when disposing of your electronics, working with a certified vendor like Tech Dump. We hold the voluntary R2 (Responsible Recycling) Certification, showing our commitment to the highest industry environmental, data security, and worker safety standards.

We guarantee that all electronics are properly processed, so you can rest assured that when you drop off your stereo equipment at one of our convenient locations that it won’t be illegally landfilled or exported. At our drop-off locations, our team will unload your vehicle, process your payment of any recycling fees, and have you on your way in no time.

And when you recycle with Tech Dump, you keep your business local in Minnesota, supporting our social mission of work readiness training for adults facing barriers to employment.

If you are in need of stereo recycling, drop off your items today or contact us with questions.

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