Tech Discounts: A Logo Story


As members of the electronics recycling industry, Tech Dump has always held ourselves to high standards to keep the Earth, our employees, and our customers’ data safe and secure. In fact, Tech Discounts grew out of our desire in our recycling division, Tech Dump, to make every effort to REUSE old electronics whenever possible.

Thanks to the work of our partner, Tim Brown Design , we love the symbolism of our Tech Discounts logo for the work we are honored to do each day.

When we look at our logo, we are reminded that each day we are working to keep electronics going. We make technology affordable, minimize our environmental impact, and create local jobs.

An early version of our logo displayed a plug symbol on the left side, however our current lightning bolt design feels much more appropriate. We sell so much more than just refurbished electronics with plugs —we sell items with cables, cords, and batteries. Each day is an adventure at Tech Discounts as you never know what amazing variety and value you will find on our shelves.

The right side’s arrow shows we are a proud member of the circular economy.  This is a buzzword that can be thrown around quite frequently, but most simply it means producing no waste or pollution. While recycling is critical to the environmental conversation, extending the length of use for electronics is critical.

One additional way that we keep electronics going and in use is through our repair services , which are now available to the public. Have a broken cell phone screen? A tablet that won’t hold its charge? We provide a free estimate, and we continue to hear great feedback about our price and speed of repair.

The final way that we keep electronics and the power going, is by creating local jobs and job training opportunities. Beyond our important environmental mission, we also have a vital social mission focused on employing adults facing barriers to employment. We provide training and experience for our trainees to have a pathway forward.

We’re excited about this new brand and logo, to remind the community of the work we had already been doing. We appreciate you helping spread the word, so swing by our Golden Valley retail space and bring a friend!

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