The Benefits of Getting Rid of Your Old Electronics


Old electronics. We all have them. The question is really what to do with them. You can keep them in your basement where they will almost certainly gather dust. You can let your kids play with them and laugh at daddy’s ancient stuff. Or, you can do something good for the environment, good for you, good for others and even good for your basement at the same time. You can recycle your old electronics.

Reduce e-Waste 

Waste from products such as older model phones and computers has become a growing problem in the last few years. When you upgrade your old phone you either leave it around your house where it serves no purpose. Or you throw it in the trash where it will only add to the growing mound in the local landfill. Authorities estimate Americans collectively generate more than three million tons of e-waste every single year.

Conservation of Natural Resources 

You might not be aware of it, but that old computer or phone of yours has many components that can be easily used again. Metals in your computer can be repurposed. Plastics used in the housing of your phone can be easily turned into something else once you’ve finished with them.

Creating New Local Jobs

Another way your decision to recycle your old electronics helps is by providing opportunities for employment. Sorting through waste and determining which components can be used again requires a great deal of people power. When you recycle a computer you haven’t been using with Tech Dump, you help create employment for people with barriers to employment.

Protecting Public Health 

Many computers and phones are made from materials that are fine as long as they are left inside their plastic housing. However, dangerous materials such as lead and mercury can easily leach out of a broken cell phone case or computer housing. Bring it to Tech Dump. They will break down the item into its component parts and safely separate the most dangerous elements. This means you’re not putting lead, chromium and cadmium into your trash can and then dumping it into the landfill where it might leak into your local water supply.

Better For Everyone

In short, when you recycle your old electronics you’re doing something really good. You are keeping your house free from stuff you’re not going to use again. You’re also helping protect the environment, creating local jobs and making sure the mercury and lead are in good hands.

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