What To Expect When You Request NAID AAA Services From Repowered


At the beginning of this year, we announced our new NAID AAA certificationⓇ. We are thrilled to be NAID certified to further ensure the security and proper destruction of your sensitive data.

But what does NAID AAA certification entail, and what can you expect when you request NAID AAA services from us? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is NAID AAA Certification?

NAID AAA CertifiedNAID (National Association for Information Destruction) is a watchdog association for secure data destruction operators around the world. They work to promote best practices for data destruction, providing organizations with the tools needed to stay in compliance with data protection regulations.

NAID AAA certification verifies our compliance with all known data protection laws through regular audits (both scheduled and unscheduled) by accredited security professionals. This certification not only fulfills regulatory due diligence obligations, but assures our customers that their data will be safely and securely destroyed when they entrust their ITAD needs to us. NAID AAA certification also:

  • Verifies our compliance with all data protection regulations, fulfilling your business’ legal responsibility for verification
  • Qualifies as the service provider risk assessment as required under the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Qualifies as the required vendor selection due diligence required by all data protection regulations
  • Meets requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Why Does NAID AAA Certification Matter?

When your electronic devices reach the end of their lives, you need to ensure they are disposed of properly so your sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Because businesses are required to stay in compliance with state and federal data security regulations, your company could face hefty fines if your data is compromised.

Using a NAID AAA certified secure data destruction service provider fulfills your regulatory obligation, as the certification is designed specifically to verify and monitor regulatory compliance and security best practices.

In a nutshell, when an ITAD company is NAID AAA certified, you can rest assured that they will keep your sensitive information secure until it is properly destroyed.

What Are the Requirements for NAID AAA Certification?

Maintaining a NAID AAA certification requires:

  • lectronics recycling and ITADEmployee screening and background checks. Access employees are subject to a seven-year criminal record search and employment history verification, as well as a pre-hire drug screening.
  • Employee monitoring. Access employees must be regularly monitored for substance abuse through training or 50% random screening.
  • Employee training. Access employees must pass the NAID AETP (Access Employee Training Program) or another NAID-approved employee training program annually.
  • Off-site requirements. The building must have a secure area devoted to sanitization and a separate area for the physical destruction of media.
  • Downstream recycling: All NAID members must pass their e-waste downstream to an ISO 14001 certified recycler.
  • Transfer of custody: All companies involved with the e-waste must meet NAID certification (including employee screening and background verifications) and provide written acknowledgment that they accept fiduciary responsibility for all media they come into contact with.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled audits. Annual announced and unannounced audits are conducted by NAID auditors who have earned their Certified Protection Professional accreditation through the American Society for Industrial Security.

Want to learn more about developing an effective, secure and profitable IT asset disposition (ITAD) program for your business? Download our free guide here!

In addition to the above requirements, Repowered works to keep your data secure through:

  • Certified processes covering multiple areas, including transportation, building security (access control and surveillance systems), and extensive employee training and screening
  • Written policies and procedures to ensure electronic data is protected at all times until destruction takes place
  • 24/7 monitored security system with 80+ HD cameras located throughout the facility
  • Over 50 access employees who are extensively trained and pre-screened
  • A documented, third-party-verified data destruction process that meets best practices around data security and destruction
  • Third-party-verified electronic data destruction to ensure no data is recoverable

What To Expect When You Request NAID AAA Services From Repowered

When you call Repowered to request NAID AAA services, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Prior to leaving our facility, our employees inspect the pickup vehicle to ensure it is safe, secure, and capable of completing the route.
  2. A Repowered-employed, trained, screened, and uniformed driver and navigator arrive in a locked, GPS-tracked truck.
  3. Our employees will load your material, logging it into our ERP system. Once completed, both our driver and your company representative will sign, ensuring an accurate and transparent chain of custody. Our team will then secure and lock the box of the truck before leaving your dock.
  4. When the locked vehicle returns to our secured facility, Repowered access employees, in conjunction with the driver and navigator, will unload the material, check each pallet into our system, and tag each pallet to allow full traceability.
  5. Data-bearing materials are immediately moved to our data destruction room, which is access controlled to allow only authorized personnel to enter.
  6. The materials are then sorted into categories and entered into our ERP system, each receiving its own unique identification tag. Each hard drive serial number will be also recorded.
  7. Once all material is processed and data destruction has occurred, a system-generated report showing the device’s serial number and destruction method will be sent to you.
  8. Other non-data-bearing devices will move through our secured facility to be sorted and entered into our ERP system. Once all non-data-bearing material is sorted, an invoice will be generated. Invoices typically arrive after you receive your serialized report.
  9. The entire process from material unloading to final destruction is captured via 80+ HD cameras, and video is retained for 90+ days.

At Repowered, we ensure the highest certified industry standards of data security throughout every part of our process. Give us a call at 763.432.3117 to learn more or to request NAID AAA services for your business.


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