Partner Highlight: Why Hired Chose To Work With Repowered


At Repowered, we value our relationships with all of our clients and partners. Today, we’d like to take a moment to highlight one of them: Hired.

Hired shares our passion to support and train people for their future careers. They help people build promising futures through career coaching, skills training and development, and holistic support.

Read on to learn more about who Hired is, what they do, and how working with Repowered has helped them empower their participants.

Who Is Hired?

Hired.orgHired was founded in 1968 to address inequities surrounding the ability of Twin Cities residents to secure employment. Hired believes that every person is one good job away from a stable and promising future. One good job can change everything by creating the opportunity to build wealth and initiating an upward trajectory for generations to come.

Hired provides tailored coaching, career training, and connections to financial assistance and other resources to help people gain employment and advance in their careers.

Hired specializes in supporting individuals whose employment opportunities have been shaped by historic and systemic inequities, resulting in limited work or educational experience, criminal history, unstable living conditions, and other situational barriers hindering career advancement.

  • Nearly three-quarters of the 5,000+ job seekers Hired serves every year are women, and nearly half are single parents.
  • Hired helped more than 1,500 job seekers get a job in the last year alone.
  • The job seekers that Hired helped gain employment increased their hourly wage by an average of $11/hour!

Why Hired Chose To Work With Repowered

Hired has partnered with Repowered to equip their participants with the laptops necessary to attend trainings and search for jobs—a need that has become increasingly urgent during the pandemic.

The pandemic has amplified the digital divide as employers increase their reliance on technology, making access to a computer, internet, and digital literacy increasingly critical to finding and retaining employment. Technology equipment as well as basic computing skills (such as keyboarding and computer navigation) are essential for engaging in a virtual environment.

With the support of organizations like Repowered, Hired has distributed more than 400 computers since the pandemic began to help participants continue their job search and pursue online training opportunities.

How Working With Repowered Has Impacted Hired’s Business…and the Lives of Their Participants

Working with Repowered has helped Hired meet the technology needs of their participants so they can adapt to the quickly changing job market. Since 2020, they’ve had participants complete ESL and GED classes, college semesters, and short term trainings with laptops from Repowered, while still others have used them for self-employment.

Here’s what the team at Hired had to say about working with Repowered:

“It’s been wonderful! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Repowered. Everyone I’ve encountered has been polite, knowledgeable, and happy to assist. They listen to our needs and always come through with products they stand behind. The personalized service keeps us coming back time and again.”

“Repowered was able to work with us to find laptops that met our needs at a reasonable price. Derek was very quick to answer questions and the turnaround time from order to pick up was fast. Repowered has been a great partner and has provided excellent customer service to us.”

If you’re curious about what partnering with Repowered can do for your business, give us a call at 763.432.3117, or check out the services we offer on our website. From certified electronics recycling to ITAD services to affordable refurbished electronics and more, Repowered can help your company stay up to date on technology while caring for the planet.

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