Reasons Why ITAD is So Important


If you’re running a business, your plate is brimming with responsibilities. Often overlooked, ITAD or IT asset disposition, is a critical component of any business plan. Let’s touch on some primary ways you can benefit from an effective ITAD program.

When you partner with a reputable ITAD vendor…

You protect your company from data breaches

Data breaches are way too common and can spell disaster for any business. Data breaches in the U.S cost businesses more money than anywhere else in the world. These breaches cost an average of $225 per record, for a total average cost of $200k – enough to sink many small businesses.

You probably have cybersecurity measures in place for your active assets. Don’t leave retired assets open to the same threats you work so hard to avoid. A reputable ITAD vendor knows how to effectively wipe or shred valuable data, so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. They can also provide you with a certificate of destruction and a certificate of sanitization so you can rest assured that proper protocol has been followed.

You support sustainable efforts

Instead of risking a data breach and dumping your retired assets into a landfill, an ITAD vendor can oftentimes refurbish and resell your equipment, giving it a new life. By extending the life of electronics, we minimize our environmental impact. Trained technicians can repair devices or even harvest parts to allow other devices to be repaired.

If there are items that cannot be refurbished, an ITAD vendor will ensure responsible recycling to ensure nothing is landfilled or exported overseas. Verifying a company’s third party certification like R2 (Responsible Recycling) or e-Stewards will give you peace of mind that the proper procedures are being followed.  This means your asset tags or sensitive data won’t show up in the wrong places, resulting in a likely costly PR and branding nightmare.

You can salvage spendy software

You spend a lot of money on company software. Did you know that, when an asset reaches the end of its life, device-licensed software can sometimes be harvested? It’s ok if you’re unsure how to do this. If it’s possible, your trusted ITAD vendor will extract it and transfer it from the device’s hard drive so you can use it again in the future – an enormous cost-savings for your company.

You stay compliant

There are a plethora of rules and regulations when it comes to IT asset disposition. Instead of trying to navigate the process on your own and worry if you’re maintaining compliance, put your assets in the hands of a trusted vendor. They can help you avoid hefty fines and penalties associated with non-compliance so you can continue to focus on the heart of your business.

Establishing a partnership with a local ITAD vendor helps protect your business from data breaches and facilitates the disposition process in a number of ways. You can have peace of mind that your company’s data remains secure and confidential and that you’re making a sustainable choice. If you would like to learn more about how an ITAD partnership can benefit your business, we’d love to connect with you. Give us a call at 763-432-3117!

Want to learn more about developing an effective, secure and profitable ITAD disposition program for your business? Download our free guide below.

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