Why Recycle with Tech Dump


If you’ve recycled with us before, chances are you’re aware that we are a non-profit organization. With each drop off or pickup, we issue a tax deductible receipt to our customers. Why? Well technically, when you recycle with Tech Dump, your items are considered “donations” due to our 501(c)(3) status. Yes, that’s right, you can claim your broken computer, outdated cell phone, and old server equipment as a tax deduction!

The benefits of our recycling program work in tandem with one another: Our customers clean out their closets, basements or offices to bring their electronics for us to recycle and in turn get a tax deductible receipt. Simultaneously, when we collect these items for recycling, our social mission is being fulfilled. This mission is to provide jobs for individuals facing barriers to employment. Through such job creation, we provide on-the-job-training opportunities that develop one’s character and provide support to grow beyond the doors of Tech Dump.

When you recycle with Tech Dump, you are supporting job creation and job training for individuals in your community. With all the other recyclers you could choose, we thank you for partnering with Tech Dump!

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