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Social responsibility is a buzzword in today’s workplace. But what does it mean? Let’s take a closer look at the importance of incorporating social responsibility into your company culture and how Repowered (formerly Tech Dump) can partner with you to drive your brand and your bottom line.

What does corporate social responsibility look like?

Corporate social responsibility is an emphasis on social and/or environmental good and is woven into the fabric of company culture. It’s acting on the belief that individuals and companies can make the world a better place and create a lasting impact. A company’s social mission is focused, relevant, measurable and engaging for employees and stakeholders and can look different from one company to the next. When a company is forthright about its social mission and how it aligns its day-to-day business decisions to support this mission, it helps build a solid brand image, increases customer loyalty and drives employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

The belief that we are on this planet to make a difference can help you stand out from the competition in your industry. When you choose a social mission that aligns with your business objectives, integrate this mission into your marketing strategy to attract customers and grow your brand. In many cases, customers are willing to pay a premium for your product or service when they know that part of your company’s profits are allocated to causes they believe in.

More and more people are looking to work for companies that prioritize social responsibility

Millennials are also a growing population among U.S. employees. By 2025, they will comprise 75% of the American workforce. This growing segment of today’s workforce is having an enormous impact on the priorities and motivations of companies across nearly every industry. One of the millennial generation’s biggest priorities is social responsibility. In fact, 75% of millennials would work for a socially responsible company for lesser pay and 75% of millennials factor a company’s social responsibility commitments into their decision of whether or not to take a job. Consequently, maintaining an emphasis on social responsibility is more important than ever when it comes to attracting and retaining employees.

However, while most research is focused on millennials and Gen-Y’s expectation of social responsibility, it must be a priority for any business that wants to attract and retain all of its employees. Studies have found that all generations agree that social issues such as diversity in the workforce and consumer protection are important and a commitment to social responsibility is not just a strategy to attract younger talent.

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Repowered: A socially responsible choice

At Repowered, we have two primary social missions:

We are committed to environmental stewardship.

We recognize that e-waste is a growing problem and work hard to curb this problem with environmentally responsible practices. When we receive retired electronic assets, we carefully remove hazardous materials and discard of them properly, salvage parts that can be reused and upcycle them in order to reduce landfill waste and wipe sensitive data and refurbish the devices we can in order to give them a second life…and give people a great product at a lower cost.

Job TrainingWe help returning citizens start fresh and gain important job skills.

We believe in second chances and we recognize that returning citizens are eager to carve out a fresh start. However, they often have a difficult time finding employers who are willing to give them a chance. At Repowered, we hire, train and equip returning citizens with important job skills that allow them to do hard, honest work in the ITAD industry and beyond.

Our social missions are at the core of our business operations and impact our daily decisions. When you partner with Repowered, you’re communicating to your employees the importance of making a meaningful impact on the environment and in our society—something that will resonate with their values. This will motivate employees to do their best work for your company and ultimately, grow your brand image and set you apart as a thought leader in your industry.

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