Your Surplus Laptops can make a Local Impact

Surplus Laptops

Does your business, organization, or home have surplus laptops? Now is the perfect time to work with Tech Dump, as your laptops could be part of an important new workforce initiative launched in August called TechPaks. We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Ramsey County, Tech Discounts, and Literacy Minnesota to create TechPaks for people who employment has been impacted by COVID-19.

TechPaks include a laptop backpack, refurbished laptop computer, internet hotspot with service, headset, QuickStart guides for accessing helpful job-finding and training information, and a Navigator to support the technology experience. TechPak laptops from Tech Discounts are covered with their one year warranty and will be distributed by Ramsey County and City of St Paul Libraries.

If you know someone who would benefit from a TechPak, you can send them to the Ramsey County site for signup during the open enrollment times at the start each month.

Tech Dump hopes to collect at least 500 laptops in the coming weeks to meet the community’s needs for these TechPaks, and all laptops will go through our secure process before distribution. Our technicians will take your old laptops and assess whether they are a fit for the program. First, they’ll ensure all previous data is safely and completely wiped before making any necessary repairs or upgrades to the computers. Third-party auditing ensures safe processing and secure data destruction. Any unusable items will be safely and securely disposed of using the most environmentally and socially responsible procedures.

Every donation will make a difference to someone by providing important access to resources, information, and technology, and, we’ll gladly give your organization a shout out on our social media after we receive your laptops!

To coordinate laptop donations, the public is invited to contact: [email protected], go online to, or to call 763-432-3117.

Bring in your surplus laptops today and be a Tech Connector!!

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