WCCO: How do you dispose of old electronics and wires?



If you have a drawer packed with old cellphones, cameras and laptops, you’re not alone.

Global electronic waste has hit record highs and it’s growing five times faster than recycling rates. So how should you dispose of e-waste?

It’s easy for electronics to pile up but at Repowered in St. Paul, they’re breaking even bigger piles down.

“They’re looking for things were can reuse, repair, things that have value,” Repowered Test and Repair Manager Chris Olson said.

Repowered is the electronics recycling partner for Ramsey County.

“Probably three times a year I stop by here. I’ll bring in iPhones, laptops, old computers, old wires and cords,” said Mark Nelson, of Roseville.

Read the full article and view the interview with our staff here.

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