Reducing Waste, Building Futures: A Comprehensive Blueprint for Sustainable Living in the Twin Cities


Greetings from Repowered! On January 30th, the Assistant Commissioner for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Kirk Koudelka, alongside various news outlets, convened at Repowered to spotlight a critical issue — the escalating challenge of waste management in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. With rising waste production and stagnant recycling rates, the urgency for action has never been clearer. The MPCA’s unveiling of a strategic 20-year plan aims to revolutionize our waste management practices, embedding sustainability into the fabric of our region. This ambitious initiative seeks to not only mitigate waste generation but also to instill a culture of environmental stewardship among all stakeholders.


A Collaborative Approach:

At Repowered, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration to overcome environmental challenges. The MPCA’s vision includes reducing waste production by 15% over the next twenty years — a goal that demands collective action from government bodies, businesses, and individuals alike. Highlighting the essence of partnership, a recent project saw Repowered joining forces with local schools to implement recycling programs, showcasing the impact of collaborative effort on community waste reduction.




Governmental Responsibilities:

The heart of the plan’s success lies in the active participation of county governments, including Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington, Scott, Dakota, and Carver. These counties are tasked with crafting waste management strategies that align with the state’s broader sustainability goals. Key initiatives include enforcing mandatory waste reduction policies for significant waste producers and establishing curbside compost collection programs in cities with over 5,000 inhabitants by 2030. To support entities in adapting to these changes, the plan also outlines potential incentives and support frameworks.


Fostering Economic Opportunities:

As a stalwart in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), recycling, and refurbishment sector, Repowered is at the forefront of the sustainability movement in St. Paul. Our innovative programs are designed to repurpose and recycle electronics, diverting valuable resources from landfills and prolonging the lifespan of electronic devices. In the past five years alone, under the leadership of our Testing and Repair Manager, Chris Olson, we have rehomed over 230,000 devices, preventing significant environmental pollution. Our efforts not only mitigate electronic waste but also catalyze job creation and economic growth within our community.


Overcoming Challenges:

While the MPCA’s plan sets forth ambitious objectives, we acknowledge the road ahead is fraught with challenges, from shifting consumer behaviors to overcoming infrastructure limitations and garnering legislative support. By investing in state-of-the-art recycling facilities and fostering partnerships between public and private sectors, we are committed to addressing these obstacles head-on, ensuring the realization of our shared vision for a sustainable future.



The launch of the MPCA’s 20-year waste reduction plan marks a pivotal milestone in our collective journey towards a greener, more sustainable Twin Cities. At Repowered, we are dedicated to contributing to this noble cause, leveraging our expertise and resources to effect meaningful change. We extend an invitation to all community members to join us in this endeavor, embracing sustainable practices and working together to redefine our environmental legacy for future generations.

Photo’s taken from the Estelle Timar-Wilcox | MPR News and GLEN STUBBE, STAR TRIBUNE

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