Grounded in Faith | Meet Loren – Teardown Specialist at REPOWERED

Loren smiling at the camera in a reflect vest in Test and Repair

This week for our We Are Repowered campaign we are excited to introduce Loren, Teardown Specialist at Repowered. A soft spoken man with an unwavering commitment to his faith, Loren has worked with Repowered through our Work Readiness Program for almost a year now.

When we first sat down with Loren, he describes the process through which electronics make their way to him and the rest of the Triage and Teardown team:

First, the electronics move from shipping and receiving to sorting. There, they are placed in gaylords, which are large 48 x 40 x 36 boxes that are moved around our warehouse floor on pallets. When Loren’s team receives these gaylords, they must disassemble the contents and determine which component parts are suitable to be sold to our downstream vendors.

When asked about the most notable items he comes across in his work, Loren answers, “Old VCRs and lots of different types of fans that live inside computers.”

computer fans displayed on a desk for repair

Then, Loren expands on his experience at Repowered: “When I entered into the Work Readiness Program a year ago, the first thing I gained from the program in the beginning stage was a support system. Having that support system helped me learn skills that would allow me to develop the type of lifestyle I wanted to live.” He continues, “That lifestyle is about being employed. With employment, I can rent out an apartment, which keeps me occupied and allows me to have shelter.”

Loren adds that outside of work, he focuses on his religious studies which keeps him grounded and at peace.

After hearing Loren’s story, we ask what’s next for him. Loren says he’d love to keep working at Repowered and that he feels like his team is very happy with his work. He hopes to continue to have a future with the company.

When asked if he’s seen hope affect his day-to-day life, or the lives of others at Repowered, Loren quickly responds, “Yes to both! Once we start working at Repowered, we can build skills for future employment. We also have a support system that will speak as a reference for us to other companies. That allows us to have hope that we can move on,” he says. “Once we finish the Work Readiness Program (which is roughly 18 months) they don’t just kick us out the door. Repowered stays in contact with you, helps you find employment, and helps you reestablish yourself in the community.”

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