Spreading Joy | Meet Grant – Triage Specialist at REPOWERED

Grant in the warehouse, smiling at the camera

This week for our We Are Repowered campaign we had the privilege of connecting with two of our Test & Repair team members. 

We hope you enjoyed reading John’s story! Now, it is our pleasure to introduce Grant, Triage Specialist at Repowered. 

An energetic person, Grant often channels his energies into giving back and making others smile. We sat down with Grant for a short and sweet conversation about his role at Repowered and the work he does for his community.

Grant works in the Test & Repair area of our warehouse and his role is to test monitors and make sure they’re in full working order. If he comes across a monitor with a cracked screen or blown out pixels, it’s deemed unusable, and is sorted with other monitors to be recycled. All working monitors are thoroughly cleaned and made available for sale online or in one of our retail stores.  

Grant was recommended to Repowered by a friend. He shares that he especially appreciates all of the resources that Repowered offers, such as mental health therapy through Creative Kuponya and access to free food through the Keystone Community Services partnership. “Companies all around the country need resources like this for their employees,” he says.

Grant tests and cleans computer monitors in Test and Repair

Outside of work, Grant loves to indulge in his passion for cooking. “I learned that from my mama. She’s my mama, but she’s also my best friend. To this day, I go into the kitchen and talk to her and watch while she cooks,” he says. 

He continues, “I also used to work at a nursing home, and around Thanksgiving I cooked a big meal for the residents. Those people with big plates of food, you should have seen the smiles on their faces. That was a beautiful thing!” 

Grant loves to give back. This year, he’s involved in a non-profit that is doing Toys for Tots for the holidays. “I stopped by the Salvation Army and picked up 110 coats for the kids – brand new with the tags on them and everything. So, they are going to get toys and brand new coats for Christmas this year!” Grant shares with a smile. 

We wrap up our conversation by asking Grant what brings him joy.  He responds quickly with, “Putting a smile on another person’s face!” 

Want to invest in spreading joy and hope this holiday season? Consider donating today!

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