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Last week we sat down with our Compliance Specialist, Luke, to learn more about his role at Repowered and how the Work Readiness Program has impacted his life. A quiet and thoughtful person, Luke has a keen sense of detail and a knack for problem solving. 

Luke was hired through our Work Readiness program. He started out on our warehouse floor as a disassembly technician, which involved taking apart electronic devices and separating out valuable assets. After demonstrating mastery of the dismantling process and a motivation to learn more, our EHS Department offered Luke a position auditing and maintaining our processes and procedures. In his new position, Luke ensures that we adhere to our organization’s internal standards and remain compliant with our industry certifications, R2 and NAID. 

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As we continued our conversation, Luke mentioned the story of one of our most experienced forklift drivers: Through our “Barrier Removal Fund,” this gentleman was able to purchase a vehicle, which then allowed him to land a higher paying job with more responsibilities. 

Stories like this are common, thanks to Repowered’s Work Readiness Program. Repowered is proud to give our employees the opportunity and support they need to grow.

“It’s given me hope that our city and state lawmakers will continue to see the need to give anyone a fair chance,” says Luke. “The Work Readiness Program here has given me hope, and that is what keeps me going.” 

A man in a reflective vest drive a forklift to move a large copy machine

As our conversation comes to a close, Luke shares, “I wish the general public could come in and see how the lives of our Work Readiness Employees are being changed daily. That’s why people should give, it has such an impact.” 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we continue to share the stories of the incredible humans behind the scenes at Repowered during our We Are Repowered campaign. 

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